Friday, 24 July 2009

For The Beauty Of Our World

For The Beauty Of The World

We commit with love to practice as with the
heavens above through grace with joy we savour
giving zest through loving favour as unfolding
we reflect all glory for the beauty of our world
harmoniously we move in rhythm which unfolds
from deep within a hymn springs forth which divinely
issues through the spheres with a dance sublime we
move our minds expanding consciousness through
design from a beguiling place with empathic love and
care we grow for the beauty of this world such joy for all
things as we do exercise a briskness in the fitness with which
we complete our sacred tasks to bring a relish and a fire to
all that we aspire as we create a more wondrous tapestry for
the beauty of this world all joy all succour in this knowing that
we have a time for sacred sowing as aglow with love and growing
we cast a blush and rush of colour through the fabric of our lives as
bright adornments we shine and sparkle as we move as one in light
fantastic for the beauty of our world

All blessings


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