Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dartmoor Morning

From the expansive wastelands of inspiring Dartmoor, I bid you a bright good morning:)

Such alchemy within this place, encouraging me energetically to ever wander the moor, with
my painting gear, finding magic everywhere...such an ancient energy pervades this sacred place.

If there be a reader....I bid thee...rise….awake....and discover new worlds....
they are all out there..myriads of them..waiting to be recognised and loved by YOU dear intrepid traveller.

...where will sunrise find .you...tomorrow..????
All blessings to you….wherever you are….in this eternal moment...

this video gives you a sense of my continuing journey....
I feel so blessed and held through the divine within nature......bliss:)

Morning has risen,
what a fine day
full of potential
for wondrous beauty
what will we manifest
with this new dawn
me for my own part
my heart overflowing
filled with desire
for the joy of expressing
all the love and guidance
received while I slept
how blessed in this moment
to feel one with the angels
to sense the warmth
of their golden hearts
the joy of the sharing
with significant others
increases the alchemy
a thousand fold
from a place of deep reverence
my soul filled with gratitude
I send you this message
of life everlasting
of joy evermore
Feel the thermals
under your wings
transporting you ever higher
to new and ever greater worlds
of divine alchemy
this is the joy
this is the journey
from a place of unconditional love
such exquisiteness in this sharing
such a peace when we do practice
oneness with the heavens above

All joy to thee and thine this fine new day


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